Ligthining talk on DC2011

I have a short lightning talk on DORC CLUC 2011 about my Honeynet experminet, so if you are near by hop to DC :) cya there :)

Elastix – more then 100 voicemails per extension

On our office pbx (Elastix), we have extensions with around 50-60 voice mails a day that are not checked often. So in few days we got infamous “Voicemail is full” warning. Why? Well you have a limit – 100 voice mails per extension. Naturally we need bigger voice mail box then only 100 messages.

Solution (fallow these steps):

1. Login into Elastix.

2. Go to Unembedded freePBX and login.

3. Go to Module Admin.

4. Select Extended Repository.

5. Install third party addon – “Voicemail Admin”.

6. New module will be visible on “Third Party Addon” section of menu.

7. Click on module, go to Settings and change maxmsg from 100 to some higher value (up to 9999).
And now you have more room for your voice mail (or spam) :)

Fusion Linux 14.1-RC

New version of Linux Fusion 14.1-RC is out. Grab it while it’s hot:  Fusion Linux!!

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