Tor and Deep web

Today I had talk about Tor and Deep Web @ Razmjena Vjestina in Varazdin
It was the best time, ever, free pizza and cakes :)

And i got a brand new badge!

Also you can find my talk here:



Lockpicking 101

When you are living in the building occasionally you are dealing with assholes.

People who are noisy at 3 am, people hammering things in the morning, leaving garbage on stairway and *drumroll* breaking keys in front door.

Well good day to have lockpicking kit and broken key extractor!

- 30 seconds later, broken part of the key is outside and you can lock the door again.



Tor mirror

Here at nestabilni corp, from time to time, we are helping some projects by making mirrors and donating bandwidth.

Next on our list is the Tor project.

Our mirror ( is rsyncing every six hours with main Tor site.

If you want to run your own tor mirror use this docs from Tor project:


pfSense usb boot

Just a quick tip:  If you are installing pfSense from USB memory use “memstick” image of pfSense…

Lost few hours on creating images from  “nanobsd” and trying to boot them.



State of Tor in Croatia – September

It looks worse than last time :(

4 relays and 1 exit node.  

There are some dynamic ip nodes that come up from time to time but nothing to stable…

So, for next month or so, I will try to contact some people to share bandwith for Tor.

State of Tor in Croatia in september:




Raspberry PI as attack vector @ FSEC

This is my second day on FSec - the security conference in Varazdin, organized by Tonimir Kisasondi and Vlatko Kostrujak.

Well apparently this is 3 day conference (I thought 2 day :) so I will miss some lectures in day 3 that you can see in schedule.

For now it’s really interesting, talking with security experts (note: I am NOT a security guy), learning new things and most importantly: getting in contact with some new people.

Note:  I had some presentation on FSec about Raspberry PI, you can download it  here in pdf –>> Link to FSEC presentation.






FSec badge

Great badge from FSec security conference :)

FSec Badge






The surprising truth about what motivates us

Every now and then I come back to this video, and it really makes me appreciate my time.

[embedplusvideo height="281" width="450" standard="" vars="ytid=u6XAPnuFjJc&width=450&height=281&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=" id="ep9930" /]


Raspberry Pi battery pack

My rasberry is working great, but it lacks some thing that I apperently need – mobility.

It’s mostly connected to network over WiFi so portable battery pack is next step for achiving raspbery greatness :)

I bought Duracell Travel Charger  with 1800mAh capacity and with minimal load, battery could charge Raspberry a little over 3 hours:

21:21:01 up  3:01,  1 user,  load average: 0.05, 0.03, 0.05

All in all, it’s pretty bad :(

Next on my todo list is to check battery on high load usage…



Fast partition layout copy

For some time now I have disks failing of RAID on  daily basic on my server provider. The worst thing is that after reboot disk is gone. Gone as in “we need to replace this disk with new one”. For syncing parition layout on new disk I am using sfdisk - Partition table manipulator for Linux.  It’s just a really quick way (among other things)  to recreate partition layout of other disk.

Dump partition layout to file:  sfdisk -d /dev/sdX > partlayout

Restore partition layout on new disk:  sfdisk /dev/sdY  < partlayout





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