Be a good neighbor and share your internet!! That is the motto of project

Basicly it’s subversion of slovenian project -

What is it all about? 

Mostly shearing the internet and being that one good neighbor. More about this project — >

Why is it important to me?

I used to live in small “town”  in “not-so-developed” part of Croatia, there, internet was not a thing that everyone had.

After connecting with some nice guys from Osijek I managed to set-up first version of this mash network in my home town.

First parts of equipment (mostly  Tp-link routers - wr740n and wr841n) are already installated on few locations that have some internet access (all around internet throughput is ~ 30mbps).

The map of this network for now looks like this:




People using internet for surfing and reading email, some media coverage on national television  (HRT)  and commercial (NovaTV), and a great experience in building the network.

Next part of installation is simple: more devices and more people that are willing to share their internet bandwidth.