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FSec – FOI Security Symposium 2013

For the third year in the row I am planing to attend FSEC from 18 – 20 September.
So far this conference was one of the most interesting in Croatia. Good lectures, workshops and all around fun in Varazdin was probably the key point of conference.
You can find out what, where and why here —>
PS.  also, you have a chance to meet some really interesting people, like Bruce Schneier for example :)

Tor and Deep web

Today I had talk about Tor and Deep Web @ Razmjena Vjestina in Varazdin
It was the best time, ever, free pizza and cakes :)

And i got a brand new badge!

Also you can find my talk here:



Raspberry PI as attack vector @ FSEC

This is my second day on FSec - the security conference in Varazdin, organized by Tonimir Kisasondi and Vlatko Kostrujak.

Well apparently this is 3 day conference (I thought 2 day :) so I will miss some lectures in day 3 that you can see in schedule.

For now it’s really interesting, talking with security experts (note: I am NOT a security guy), learning new things and most importantly: getting in contact with some new people.

Note:  I had some presentation on FSec about Raspberry PI, you can download it  here in pdf –>> Link to FSEC presentation.






FSec badge

Great badge from FSec security conference :)

FSec Badge






28c3 lecture mirror

We are mirroring all the past lectures from 28th Chaos Communication Congress.

You can find them on:



Tunnels trough DreamBoxes

Some time ago I had small lecture on FSEC about tunnelling trough Dreambox .  Slides from this lecture can be found here.

Dors // Cluc 2011 – Lightning talk

Few months ago I gave 5 min  “lightning talk” on Dors // Cluc 2011 about my little project. Someone told me that videos will be out in september so until then here is link to presentation  (Croatian only, PDF). -nvucinic

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