MySQL command line pager

Quick and useful tip for large result sets in MySQL  (for example more than 100 MySQL db)

mysql> pager less;

mysql> show databases;


link : MySQL pager

State of Tor in Croatia – March

Last update of tor status in Croatia was more then half a year ago…

Well things look a bit different (better kind of differen :) now…

There are 6 stable tor nodes,  with 2 exit nodes (finally) but some of the old nodes are gone :(

If you are reading this post, consider running Tor node / relay !

Tor march

Links: – free WiFi

Be a good neighbor and share your internet!! That is the motto of project

Basicly it’s subversion of slovenian project -

What is it all about? 

Mostly shearing the internet and being that one good neighbor. More about this project — >

Why is it important to me?

I used to live in small “town”  in “not-so-developed” part of Croatia, there, internet was not a thing that everyone had.

After connecting with some nice guys from Osijek I managed to set-up first version of this mash network in my home town.

First parts of equipment (mostly  Tp-link routers - wr740n and wr841n) are already installated on few locations that have some internet access (all around internet throughput is ~ 30mbps).

The map of this network for now looks like this:




People using internet for surfing and reading email, some media coverage on national television  (HRT)  and commercial (NovaTV), and a great experience in building the network.

Next part of installation is simple: more devices and more people that are willing to share their internet bandwidth.

Raspberry Pi in Croatia

In last few days I wanted to build some project around Raspberry Pi.  Here in Croatia, there is a good place to buy Raspberry  - order on -

Fast, cheap, powerful. What do you need more?

Android and security applications

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. Right? Wrong.

Is healthy being a little bit paranoid. Just for the fact that you can learn something new and that sometimes paranoid means obsessive security and privacy of your devices .  I am using rooted HTC one V - with some applications that make me sleep better at night:

RedPhone – For secure // encrypted phone calls.

TextSecure - For encrypted sms storage.

DroidWall – For firewalling all your connections.

OpenVPN Connect – For openvpn connection (accessing my servers + internet browsing)

Orbot and Orweb  - For anonymous internet surfing.

Wheres  my Droid – For locating my Phone.

Gallery Lock – For locking all those nasty pictures.

FSec – FOI Security Symposium 2013

For the third year in the row I am planing to attend FSEC from 18 – 20 September.
So far this conference was one of the most interesting in Croatia. Good lectures, workshops and all around fun in Varazdin was probably the key point of conference.
You can find out what, where and why here —>
PS.  also, you have a chance to meet some really interesting people, like Bruce Schneier for example :)

R.I.P Google Reader

We said we would be friends together until the end,
You said you would always be my best friend,
Then you stabbed me at the back,
Now we’ve lost everything we had.

Hello  NewsBlur ! :)

State of Tor in Croatia – June

Since I was busy // away for last few months, here is “new” state of Tor nodes in Croatia: 4 months later.

Tor nodes are down for  2 old nodes – MamaTor and Nestabilni.  Nestabilni node is down permanently but MamaTor  (only Croatian exit node) could maybe come back eventually…

Good guys from FSB, FOI , Carnet and Croatian Pirate Party  are keeping their nodes up :)


State of Tor in Croatia – February

It’s a sad day when you see that there is fewer and fewer nodes alive.
It’s even sadder when you realize that there are only 3 nodes left:

(I am not counting the ones that are up less then 5 days)

In next month I hope that there will be more nodes, as some are now deactivated but they will be back online in short-while.

Also, if you are planing to run a Tor node or have just have some question drop me an msg on irc nvucinic @



State of Tor in Croatia – November

Thing are finally looking a little bit better…  With 2 new relays (wurm and foioss)  we are up on 6 relays and 1 exit node.

There are some “day to day” users that are running Tor from home but I don really count them as “real” nodes.

So, state of Tor in November:

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